Western Conservation is a registered pest control business, (Licence No. 2108) and each of our Conservation Field Technicians hold a current Pesticide Technicians Licence issued by the Department of Health (WA).

Weed Control

We are capable of hand weeding, basal bark spraying, herbicide application, woody weed control, brush cutting, slashing and forestry mulching.


Our equipment includes a quad bike with a 20 hand line and boom and 2 4WD mounted, full remote control spray rigs. We also have multiple knapsacks, a 4WD ute with a boom spray on the back of it and an ASV 120 posi track with a rotary axe for slashing and woody weed control. For handling woody vegetation up to 18″ in diameter, we have a Fecon forestry mulcher.

Whether you have a backyard full of caltrop or paddocks full of cottonbush Western Conservation can take care of it!